F2F Class Notes 7th December (Tony)


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Quantify – Make it into a number/Countable eg: “Can you quantify love.” “I  don’t think you can quantify love.” “Can you quantify every drop of water in the ocean.”

Quantity – How many  eg: “Do you know the quantity of eggs in this carton?”

Q rating – a quantified expression of an actor’s popularity. eg: “Kevin Spacey had a higher Q rating than his co-star Robin Wright; after Robin’s Q Rating went above his she demanded a higher salary.”

quantification – the process of making it countable. eg: “The quantification of wild cats in new Zealand is important to preserve the ecosystem.”

neurotic – overthink about details and plans eg: “His neurotic ways helped him to be organized and successful.”

wing it (V) – have no plan and just see what happens eg: “I didn’t prepare for my interview, but I’m not worried about just winging it.”

OCD – Obsessive (Can’t stop thinking about it) Compulsive (feeling that you must do it) Disorder (something not working correctly) “I’m a little bit OCD, I always like to make a very detailed plan when I travel.”

Rebel (V) Ree Bell eg: “Teenagers always rebel if their parents are too strict.”

Rebel (N) reb ull eg: “He became a rebel because he didn’t support the group.”

Perks – some small free benefits from a job eg: “One of the perks of working at Ferrari is definitely not a free car, just free coffee.”

Benefits – helpful things included in an agreement, insurance, paid leave, memberships eg: “Health Insurance is the most important benefit for many employees.”

Severance – pay that you receive after you are fired eg: “I was wrongly fired, but at least I still got a big severance package.”

NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement – you can;t talk about anything related to certain projects at work.  eg: “We had to sign a very detailed NDA when I worked at Maserati.”