OpenF2F Class Notes 6th April (Celeste)

gel manicure – lasts for up to 4 weeks, uses a drying machine to stay longer

Ex: This kind is good because it doesn’t hurt. Gel manicures last for a long time.

fingernails- shou zhi jia

Ex:  I have long fingernails, you have short fingernails.

toenails –  jiao zhi jia

Ex: I have small toenails.

nail polish – zhi jia you

Ex: I have different color nail polishes.

Ex: I like your nail polish!

nail salon / spa – zhi jia shalong

Ex: Last weekend, I went to a nail salon to get a manicure.

Ex: Do you want to go to the nail salon with me?

manicure – zuo zhi jia

Ex: I got a manicure last weekend.

Ex: Let’s go get manicures!

Ex: I have a manicure.

Ex: We have manicures.

pedicure – zuo jiao zhi jia

Ex: I want to get a pedicure.

Ex: I want to get a pedicure and I want pink nail polish.

ASAP = As Soon As Possible

I like to go to the park where can play different machine,especially sea rover,because i like itch feeling in the belly and i can shout loudly. I like to read novel from the Internet about

I like to go to the amusement/theme park where I can ride on the rides, especially  the sea rover, because I like the itchy feeling in my belly and I can shout loudly. I like to read novels from the Internet about different stories.