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Student Info: Needs English for life and self improvement.

Class focus: Needs to get more practice having conversation, making sentences, and building confidence. Learned English at school but hasn’t used it much since. Needs to be reminded of vocabulary previously learned and how to make longer sentences.

Occupation: Trade company

At SE since: December 2019

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  • Demo Class Notes (Yaya – Jesse)

    December 12, 2019


    I wake up at 7 oclock and give some food to cat and take a shower and wear clothes and come here to study english for business and travel. Trade company. 3 years. Put mask on my face and sleep. Drink a drink.

    I woke up / got up at 7 o’clock / 7 AM / 7 in the morning and gave some food to / fed my cat and took / had a shower and wore / put on my clothes / got dressed and came here to study / learn english for business and travel. I work in / I am employed in a / I work for a Trade company for about / around / roughly 3 years. I put a mask on my face and went to sleep. I drank a drink.


    I am an employee (n) – person
    Employed (v)

    wear clothes
    put on clothes
    In the morning I put on my jacket and then I went out. Now I am wearing the jacket.

    verb – what time?
    noun – which one? how many?


    play – aaaeee
    plan – plan
    plane – plaaaeeeen

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