VIP Online Class Notes (Nemo)[W/S]


I am in Taiwan, I play with my sister, she is 4 years old, we play with cars. I go to draw, now I have an English class. I travel with my mom and my dad is in Shanghai. I will stay very long in Taipei. I will stay for 5 months.

My sister is four years old and I’m eight. I’m 4 years older than her, she is four years younger than me.


one day the little red riding hood in the house and mother, mother there’s fruit, mother say this gift grandma.ok. After a while little red riding hood in the grandmon house. She gift fuid on grandmon hand

one day the little red riding hood Was at her house together with her mother, there was some fruit and mother said to Little red riding hood to take it and to give it to grandmother as a gift. After a while little red riding hood arrived to the grandma’s house. She gave the fruit to grandma.

Fry (v): to cook food in hot oil or fat
Fry the mushrooms in a little butter.

fried eggs
sunny side up eggs

omelette (n): a dish made by mixing eggs together and frying them, often with small pieces of other food such as cheeseor vegetables
a cheese/mushroom omelette奶酪/蘑菇煎蛋饼