VIP Online Class Notes (Cynthia)


St Petersburg – 圣彼得堡
E.g – I will be going to St Petersburg during the October holidays.

E.g – Okinawa is one of the cleanest place I have been to.

Salt – 盐
E.g – I put too much salt in my omelette today.

Order – 点
E.g – We made an order of 2 burgers, 2 fries and 2 soda.

Lamb -羊肉
E.g- I want to eat lamb skewers for dinner tonight.

Bamboo Shoot –
E.g – I put some bamboo shoots in my soup today.

Average – 一般般
E.g – The spaghetti I ordered is just average.

Reservations – 定位
E.g – I made reservations at 8pm tonight.

Milk Tea – 奶茶
E.g- Ever day after lunch, I need to order milk tea.

Less Spicy/Not so spicy – 少辣
E.g- I would like my soup to be less spicy.