VIP Class Notes (Whitney) [S]


Read through the corrected reading exercise.

Next Class Focus

Continue having more discussions and speaking exercises. Work on vocab and self-correcting.


Nail file 

Sometimes I feel sick when I eat mushrooms.

I am allergic to seafood


Topic: Airport and Hotel

STAGE 1: Check-In 
1. Where are you going/travelling/heading to today?
I am going/travelling/heading to Spain

2. How many baggage/luggage will you be checking in?
I have two bags for check-in and one carry on.

Two carry on’s.

3. Are you carrying any illegal items? Lighters, Knives, Guns, Bombs.
Do you have a portable charger in your check-in bag?
Portable charger or battery is not allowed in the check-in bag

4. Have you chosen a seat yet? / I would like to sit at this seat or seat 11A
I checked in online and have chosen my seat already

5. I want to request a meal with no mushrooms and no seafood.

6. Overweight bag – please let me check this bag in, it’s my first time

7. Do you have a visa for where you’re travelling to?
Visa in my passport. Let me show you my work permit or my residence permit.

7. Ticket and passport in hand. Bags are checked in. Proceed to customs.

STAGE 2: Customs

  1. Give your passport, check for stamps, visas and seals, and then you proceed
  2. Departure Card

STAGE 3: Boarding Gate

  1. Board the plane, get comfortable


One time we were going to Tibet and we lost the seal on our passport. So we couldn’t travel on that day. Because Tibet is high in the mountains, it takes 3 days to get use to the air there. So carrying our bags to the second floor felt like going up to the tenth floor, so I felt really tired. Tibet is very interesting and the landscapes are very beautiful but there was one thing I didn’t like. The toilets are usually very dirty, sometimes they are just a hole in the ground or are just in a ditch.