VIP Class Notes (Vicki)

Today we focused on:

Today’s discussion focused on the industry of PR and advertising


ceremony -> an event to celebrate or commemorate something

i.e. Our product launch ceremony is today.

sincere -> honest and whole-hearted

i.e. She is very sincere about this project.

polite -> has good manners

i.e. She is very polite to everyone.

offer -> to give an opportunity to do something

i.e. She received a lot of offers for her acting career.

tiring -> feeling the need to rest

i.e. My job is becoming tiring lately.

collaboration -> the joining force of two parties

i.e. The collaboration between the students was great.

ambassador -> the representative of something

i.e. He is our new brand ambassador.

proportion -> the relationship between a part to its whole

i.e. His legs are not in proportion with his body.

efficient -> to do something effectively and timely

i.e. She is an very efficient worker.