VIP Class Notes (Tony) [R]


Write two sentences for any 5 vocab words.

Example:  It is rainy.   /  The rain is heavy today.



your life is in danger

you are defending yourself

trophy – a thing you get, when you win something. Usually a large gold cup.

eg: The giraffe was her trophy. And people did not like that.

trophy hunter – a hunter, who shows off what they killed.

eg: The Spanish King was a trophy hunter.

defenseless – can not defend itself

eg: A lion is not defenseless, but, if you are in a car…

heated – when people feel very strongly about something, passionate, angry,

eg: He gets really heated when he watches football.

eg: It was a heated debate about the environment.

cool down – to calm down after being angry

eg: Whoah Elena, you need to cool down. You are too heated about that football match.

tranquilizer – medicine to put you or animal to sleep

eg: They shot the bear with a tranquilizer.

eg: In English we don’t say, “Be Tranquil”, like in Spanish. We say, be chill, or be cool. or Chill out.


It is windy

The wind is strong

It is hot (ADJ) today.

The ___  (N) today is really strong. (heat)

There is so much ____ (N) that you can see it on the road. (heat)

The ___ is really intense. (heat)

Turn the heat on.

It is _____ today. (Sunny)

The sun (N) is strong today.

It is snowy today.

The snow is heavy today.

It is rainy today.

The rain is heavy today.

The rain is light for now.

I am angry.(adj)

I have a lot of anger. (N)

It has been rainy all day.

The rain has been heavy all day,(From the past, until now…)

and it will keep raining for a while. / and it’s gonna be a while. (Will be a while)


trophy – T’ Row Fee