VIP Class Notes (Tony)


know how to drive

know how to swim

I used to know how to speak Spanish, but I forgot.

the appearance is like half a carIt looks like half a car

Lucid – being awake and sober(not drunk), can think clearly

eg: I had a lucid dream about calling you.

eg: You need to be lucid if you are driving.

cavity – a hole in something,  like your tooth

eg: I had some cavities, but I went to the dentist and got a filling.

phrase – a few words together

eg: When you study English, you should always remember phrases. Like:  put that down,  give it to me,  let’s go there, open the door

nap – a short sleep

eg: I’m tired , I wanna take a nap. Wake me up in 3 hours.



(N) eg: Sometimes I have a dream that I have a cup and it is falling over.

eg: A few times I had a dream that I jumped up, and just kept going up, and up… Then I started falling very slowly.

(V)eg: I was dreaming. Why did you wake me up?

eg: I dream a lot.

eg: I was dreaming that I was driving when I didn’t know how to drive.

(ADJ) eg: My dream house would be in Thailand.

eg: My dream house would be in the Maldives.

eg: My dream vacation is to go to Mars.


eg: I dreamed that we got some ice cream.


eg: I have dreamt about that too.

eg: I had dreamt that I got a new car. Then my husband bought me one. But it was a smart car. That’s not my dream car.