VIP Class Notes (Tony)


Which one is thicker? the pen or maker?

The marker is thicker.   /  The marker is thicker than the pen.

beauty treatments

a device with a laser

I’m anxious to learn English (Good feeling, excited, ready to do it)

I’m anxious to go to Colombia.

I’m anxious to see my son.

Learning English gives me anxiety (Bad feeling, excited but… worried)

Traveling alone gives me anxiety.

painless – does not have pain

eg: The laser is totally painless.

painful – has pain

eg: It’s a little painful.

electric current – electricity moving through something

eg: The patch has an electric current to stimulate the muscles.


eg: I don’t want to have a lot of cellulite.

eg: This will help reduce cellulite.

crackdown – when the police or government or people in charge, start to make everyone follow the rules perfectly

eg: That restaurant was closed after the crackdown, because they didn’t have the right license.

eg: I’m so happy they cracked down on smoking. I really hate smokey places.

hummus – garbanzo bean dip

eg: I don’t like that oily hummus.

pimples – small red mark on your skin, comes from some dirt trapped under your skin, under the oils.

eg: Sometimes I get pimples on my face.



the thing affected by the verb.

I’m gonna eat. (NO OBJECT)

Eat what?   (Asking about the OBJECT)

I’m gonna eat 3 slices of pizza. (pizza is the OBJECT)

If I toss this, would you catch it?

if you toss me this, I would catch it. = if you toss this I would catch it


anxiety – Ang Zai Uh tee

suffer from anxiety