VIP Class Notes (Tony)


otra vez – one more time?

What time did you get up?

I got up at 7am.

Did he wake you up?

Yes, he woke me up.

I was woken up by… (Who? What thing?  What noise?)

I was woken up by the birds outside my window.

I got up around 7am, but I woke up at 6.

when you go to bogota from my city, fly there When you fly to Bogota from my city.

when you fly there, it takes 45 minutes

when you go by car to therewhen you drive there

when you drive there, it takes 9 hours. because there are so many mountains


My city is really small. There is only about 30,000 people.

On one side of the city, there is desert. (uncountable)

On the other side there is a small mountain.

That mountain used to be a volcano.

In Arizona, it is really flat, or a mountain. (Not perfect grammar, but it is fine)

Near my city, it is really wide open, and flat.

I was born in pereira.

Where I was born, it is really small.

There is too much forest and jungle.

There is jungle all around the city.

In my city there are too many mountains.

The whole country has mountains.

Cali is the only city that is flat.

Cali is the only city that is flat in Colombia.


Be fortunate

eg: You are fortunate, that you have birds by your window. Most people only see birds on TV.

fortunately (something happened)

fortunately ( you did something)

Singular (Only one)

I went to a forest named, Muir Woods.

I went to a forest. (Any forest)

I went to the forest. (Uncountable)

Plural (More than one)


I went to the forest.


All around – Alla  Round

used to be – Yuus-T’bee

whole – Holl