VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S+W]

Today we focused on:


Use over/underestimate in a writing.


there were some problems happened between me and my partner.


We also have some problems between us and need to reslove it, but we find more positive ways that could be change our relationship. No matter how much arguments were happened ,we should be build up a new relationship for both of us.If there will be some problems In the future, we belive to fix it.

We have some problems between us and (we) need to resolve them, but (it is not a bad thing/ it is not negative) it helps us to find more positive ways to change our relationship.

No matter how many arguments we have / no matter how many times we argue ,we should be building up/ we should build up a new relationship for both of us.
If there are some problems in the future, we believe we can fix them. / We will probably have more problems in the future but I believe we will be able to fix them.


passive : opposite of active
I was really passive last night, I watched TV and did absolutely nothing else.

to envy嫉妒: you would like to be in this situation
I envy Tom, he is 50 but he looks like 30.
I envy her for having a beautiful bag. / I envy her beautiful bag.

to admire : to look up on someone/something / to consider someone with respect (you don’t necessarily want to be like them)
I admire firefighters, they risk their lives to save us and they don’t get paid much.
I admire doctors, they can save so many people’s lives.

negative : not positive
Arguments are not always negative.

to over evaluate / over estimate: to think something was/will be more than it really was
Our budget for clothes was 20K in 2018. at the end of 2018 we realized we only spent 10K in clothes. We over estimated the clothing budget

to under estimate / under evaluate :to think something was/will be less than it really was/will be
I decided to travel to the Maldives and planned to spend 30k. when I was there I bought a lot of nice things and spent 50k. I under estimated how much the trip would cost.
Our budget for business was 100K in 2019, in the middle of 2019 we realized we spent 80K, we under estimated the business budget

Needs more review

optimistic(adj): thinking the future will always be better
My parter is too optimistic.

pessimistic(adj) : thinking the future will always be worse
Tom is always pessimistic.

realistic ( looking at the real world) / not dreaming
You can’t become the financial director of a company if you only have 1y experience in finance. you have to be realistic and take a simpler job such as financial executive.

practical : Looking at how to use what you have the best way / more interested in doing things than how things work.
Tom joined a practical cooking class.

grounded : realistic + practical
Tom is a very grounded person. He worked hard when he was young so that he wouldn’t have to work so hard when he got older


consistently (adv)
I consistently finish my work

I am consistent

to have an argument / to argue
I had an argument with Tom about the cat.
I argued with Tom about the cat.
I had an argument with my mum about my daughter.
I argued with my partner about work.

also : when you want to express the same idea as previously expressed / someone else expressed 也

Tom: I like coffee.
Louisa: I also like coffee.

The insurance market in China is very complex.
It is also very complex in America / in the US.
It was cold yesterday and it is also cold today.

still : 1 :to express that something hasn’t happened / isn’t over yet 仍然

I am still working on the report (I haven’t finished yet)
I am still young (it is not over)
I still want to drink coffee.

2: to express opposition / contrast 然而
I was tired, still, I worked in the night to finish the report.
I am busy, still I consistently finish my work.
I am tall

use be + V in a continuous form

Present continuous:
Be +Ving
I am learning English

Past continuous:

I was studying in Beijing

Future continuous:
It will be happening in the future