Online Class Notes (Tibo) [S+R]


Make some sentences with the new words

Speaking exercise

Recently quite happy than before because the government updatse the new coronavirus and these days newly infections are low. -> I am happier than before because the government updated the new coronavirus and these days new infections are low

there are a lot of restaurants and there is Costco. last day I saw there is a lot of people. -> there are a lot of restaurants
Yesterday I saw there was a lot of people.

people lose their intensity -> people are less careful than before / people are tired of wearing masks, they are not as careful as people.

he doesn’t really show off and he still got robed  / he doesn’t stand out but he got robbed

the recent check show the baby is health -> the recent check showed that the baby is healthy.

In China we have a law that doctors couldn’t tell pregnant women their baby’s gender but my doctor gave me some hints so probably the baby is a boy.
When we were having ultrasound and we saw the pictures and I asked her and she said something which let me believe it is a boy.
-> In China we have a law that doctors can’t tell pregnant women their baby’s gender


phenomenon / phenomena (plural) (n) 现象
I am worried about this phenomenon it could make the situation worse

stand out (adj) : noticeable / easily noticed
Jennifer really stand out with her purple hair.

deadly (adj): which can kill
The new virus can be deadly

lethal (adj)  which can kill
This new virus can be lethal

novel  (adj) = new / unusual
The novel coronavirus is spreading through the world

novelty (n) : the quality of being new or original / originality
Cheese tea was a novelty a few years ago.

evacuee (n) : people who were rescued from a place

to evacuate : to remove from a dangerous place
Ukraine decided to evacuate Ukrainian people in Wuhan.

to disembark : to leave a ship / aircraft
They disembarked from the boat on Friday.

to embark : to go on board (ship / place) / begin something
I embarked on a new adventure when I decided to move to China

overwhelmed : taken by strong emotions
When he proposed she was so overwhelmed that she could speak

to overwhelm : to defeat completely / buried under too much of something
There are not enough doctors and too many patients so doctors are overwhelmed (they have too much work)

Violent (adj) 暴力
The protesters are very violent

violence (n)
There is too much violence in movies.

他养一只狗 = he has a dog / he raises a dog.

Chernobyl : a city in Ukraine

COVID 19 : Coronavirus Disease 2019