VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]


make some sentences with the new words

Speaking exercise

our plan is in a rush. We haven’t book a hotel even transportation.
Because it is not far from SH and it is not in SH. I am from Jiangsu so I don’t want to go to the north of Shanghai. I want to go to south of Shanghai.
I have visited Hangzhou about twice and the holiday is not very long so I think  I prefer a short trip / a short trip is more adequate

when I choose a city the first thing I would do is to find the delicious restaurants. and I like the comfortable hotels or serviced apartments / or accommodation.
I don’t have a schedule but I have a list of must eat / I will make sure to go to a few restaurants I researched ahead of time.

crayfish is seasonal so people will treasure it.

our plan was in a rush. We don’t really have a clear plan yet but we are considering going to HZ.  / We decided to go to HZ but we haven’t got to the details yet / we haven’t really planned it yet.

We haven’t booked a hotel or transportation. / we haven’t booked anything accommodation nor transportation

We chose HZ because it is not too close and not too far. / It is far enough to be different and close enough to remain convenient.

I am from Jiangsu so I don’t want to go to regions north of Shanghai. I want to go to what is in the south of Shanghai.
I have visited Hangzhou twice and the holiday was not very long / I didn’t stay long so I think  I prefer a short trip / a short trip is more adequate

They have varieties of seafood


to treasure (n/v) : value greatly / something hidden of value / box with gold and diamonds
The pirate hid a treasure in a cave
I treasure the time with my parents because I don’t often see them
life is short you need to treasure it

pirate (n) : 海盗 / someone who steal things on the internet
The pirates rob ships and kill the crew
He is a pirate, he uses PS but he never paid for it. It is a pirated version.

crayfish (n) 小龙虾
Crayfish is very popular in SH

seafood (n): everything found in the water apart from fish
I can’t eat seafood

specialty (n) 特色
The specialty of Sichuan is the hotpot

packed schedule : very full schedule
I have a packed schedule when I work

serviced apartment (n): apartment which includes cleaning
We found a serviced apartment for our week trip

foodie (n) : someone who likes food
I am a foodie

to digress (v) : to talk about something that is not the main topic
He digressed a lot during the meeting so it took us 4h instead of 2.

digression (n)
His digression made us lose focus

accommodation (n) : living situation
I like nice accommodation so I usually stay in 5 star hotels.

to accommodate (v) : arrange in a way that is more convenient / pleasing / adapt
We know your schedule is very packed so we will try to accommodate to your time.

accommodating (adj): willing to change to make the other feel pleased
My boss is not accommodating at all

adequate (adj) : matching the situation/ enough 适当的/足够的
he was wearing shorts at the wedding and everyone else was wearing a suit it was not adequate.
the product description was not adequate
I didn’t have the adequate funding to open a restaurant

satisfactory (adj) : making one satisfied
Tom’s work was not satisfactory so he was fired

perception (n) : how one feels about something
We need to change the perception of the company. We want people to think of us as a green company

to perceive (v) feel / understand something
I perceived some anger in his voice during the meeting

seat (n) : place where one can sit
there were not seats available in train so I had to stand for the whole trip
My seat is 9C

hiccup (n) 打嗝
he had the hiccup so I scared him