VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]

Speaking exercise

Leica said it is not made by them but they didn’t criticize it. / Leica deflected the blame

If you want to extend your brand in China you need to follow politics.

I was OT -> I had to work overtime / I had to do OT

he eats not healthy -> He does not eat healthily

except the necessary sugar


jealous (adj) : feeling envy for something others have and you don’t
He is 40 but he looks 20, I’m jealous

beer belly : big belly
Many men get a beer belly when they get older

to deflect (v) : change the direction of something
I deflected the bullet with my shield
He deflected the blame

mainstream : common
Although Chanel is an expensive brand it became mainstream, all the girls have Chanel bags

excuse : something use to explain an action
He said he was tired but that was just an excuse he didn’t want to go to the party

weapon (n) 武器
He is super handsome that is a weapon

F&B : Food + Beverages
We asked a F&B company to provide food and drinks at the event.

beverage / drink : something to drink
beverages were provided by Coca Cola.

bland (adj) : not having strong taste / uninteresting
If you don’t add sugar it will be bland

blend (n/v) : mix
this coffee blend is really amazing

vegetarian : people who only eat vegetables
Tom is vegetarian

cocoa : thing used to make chocolate
dark chocolate is 90% cocoa

chemical element : what things are made of
The chemical elements in Chocolate make me happy.

carbohydrates (carbs) (n) : rice, pasta , noodles , bread …
I avoid carbs because I want to be slim

Jerusalem (city)
I visited Jerusalem

Israel 以色列
I want to travel to Israel

religion (n) : what people believe in
the main religion in Jerusalem is Christianity

Christianity (n) :
Christianity is popular in the US.

Christian (adj) people who believe in Christianity

Islam is popular in Iran
Muslim (adj) :
people who believe in Islam

Buddhism (n)
Buddhism is popular in Thailand
Buddhist people who believe in Buddhism

pork (meat)

beef (meat)

lamb (meat)

Durian : bad smell fruit
you can bring Durians on planes

allergy (n): 过敏
He has an allergy to seafood

allergic (adj)

faux pas (n) : misstep / mistake / something embarrassing
The Leica add was a faux pas.

to criticize : to say bad things about / find faults
I was criticized by my boss for often being late.

dark humor : making fun of sad events
He loves dark humor

irony (n) : when you say something but mean the opposite
Some people don’t understand irony

ironic (adj)
The movie is very ironic

to censor : not allow something / make something unable to be seen 删改
Some parts of the movie were censored.

close (adj) : people you know well
I only use dark humor with close friends


Faux pas (say: fo pa)