VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]


Write an email to the current agent and explain the problem and what you want them to do. Be polite + professional but make sure you say what you really need from them.
make some sentences with the new words


AI can help to promote research a lot. And it could be more efficient. / thanks to AI we will discover a lot of new things / AI will lead to innovation.
do you watch the movie American factory ? -> have you watched…?
At the end they said many machines replaced humans.
I think the equipments are the same but the way people  work is different./ work processes are different

it is too dangerous and it would be complex in the army. There are many politic fighting in the army. -> there is too much politics / there are influence fights  / power struggles.

Some jobs which need people do some handcraft especially in factory will disappear. -> manual jobs will disappear  / blue collar jobs will disappear.
Engineer , and especially programmers will (also) disappear.
HR needs -> HR people will always be needed  / we will always need HR

I don’t think we need to fight to them. -> fight them
they would fight me 

I think it is ok because there are many funny TV shows like that and it is common. / it is ok to laugh /make jokes about everything

the big companies their logo would become more and more simple. that is good. -> the new trend is for companies to simplify their logos

they need to do like this. If they spray a lot maybe its dangerous . It is not good for clothes. / it is needed but you have to be careful not to spray too much.


fight someone / something
I fought Kevin and won.
We fought (against) the new rule.


to simplify : make more simple
We simplified the app for our users

manual jobs : jobs done with hands
He is not good at manual jobs

blue collar (about manufacturing)
Blue collar workers earn less than white collar workers

white collar  (about services)
most university graduates are white collars

innovation (n): the development and implementation of new things/tech
5G is an innovation which will make the internet faster

to innovate (v) : to create new things / find new ways
We need to innovate to remain competitive

spray (n/v) : project a liquid in many small particles
I sprayed water on the plants
I bought a spray against mosquitoes

disinfectant (n) : liquid to kill virus / bacteria 消毒的
I used disinfectant to clean my phone

to disinfect (v)
I disinfected the wound

to infect : to spread / give  / catch a disease
He was infected during his trip to Wuhan.

aliens (n) 外星人👽
The space force will protect us from aliens.

sergeant (sgt.) (n) : rank in the army 中土
He is a sergeant in the army

accounting (n) : recording money movement
I studied accounting

accountant (n): someone working in accounting
We need to hire a new accountant.

to unveil (v) : reveal / announce for the first time
Apple will unveil the new iPhone in September

veil (n) : something used to cover/hide the face
He removed her veil before kissing her