VIP Class Notes (Tibo) (S)

Speaking exercise

we need doctors at that time, he is a cardiologist but NYC really needs doctors. / doctors are in high demand
So the company gives him a free flight and let them go, people will feel it is not safe. -> if the airline offers doctors a free flight it is not good for the general population  because they won’t be working in the hospital.

my company asked half of the people to an unpaid holiday for 2 days a month. -> my company asked half of the people to agree to / accept an unpaid holiday for 2 days a month
It is not bad to have 2 days holidays even if it is unpaid.

I am looking at marketing training.

the airline can continue flying these doctors and nurses to ensure they are healthy after 2 weeks and tell them if they are wearing masks it is safe. ->
They should only let them fly after a 2 weeks quarantine to ensure they are healthy and require all the passengers to wear a mask

they have limited visitors and you have to make appointment first. -> they control the amount of visitors and you must make an appointment in advance.


safari (n) : trip to see many animals
I went on a safari in Africa

senator 参议院
He is a senator

demolition (n) : destruction
He works in a demolition company, they destroy buildings.

to demolish (v) : destroy
The building was demolished to make way for a new one

clash (v/n) conflict / violent confrontation
They clashed with the police during the protest

Myanmar  (n) : a country in Asia
I plan to travel to Myanmar

buddhism  (n): religion
buddhism is strong in Thailand

Buddhists (n/adj)
Many people in Myanmar are buddhist

border (n) : limit between countries
soldiers got ready at the border

inert  (adj) : not functioning / not moving (having no energy /dead)
John was shot and he fell inert on the floor.

hydroxy chloroquine : drug supposedly effective at first stages of Covid 19
Trump is taking hydroxy chloroquine.

cardiologist (n) heart doctor
He works as a cardiologist

cardiology : field / department
he works in the cardiology department

to infect: spread a disease
He was infected on a cruise

play on words (n) : when you play with the sound of several words
Caturday is a play on words between cat and Saturday

digital scarcity : rarity for digital products
Digital scarcity is used for digital pieces of art

scarce (adj) : rare
gold is scarce

blockchain (n):  tech behind bitcoin
we use blockchain to ensure food tracing

musical instrument  : something you use to play music
I only know how to play 1 instrument : the guitar

strings (n): 线
the yukulele only has 4 strings

health (n)