VIP Class Notes (Tibo) (S)

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be careful about verb / noun

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I am not very obsessed of it. -> I wasn’t focused on it because I multitasked

if they have good control of the people traffic it is the good thing but once there is someone with the virus in the crowd of people it is tragic. -> if they have a good control on the flow of people it is ok but if someone is infected and spreads it it will be tragic

each activity you need to have a very long line.  -> you need to wait in line for a long time / you need to queue for hours

I’m not very like to go to disneyland -> I don’t really like Disneyland.

Guns are not allowed but knifes or swords….everything can be a weapon.
It depends on the policy in the police station, if there is a very huge project to arrest some criminals  other people may also carry a gun / criminals may have guns so policemen also need to carries theirs.

or some violent events which happens in the city they will carry weapon to stop that but usually they don’t carry their guns.

for the normal times I am not go out very often -> usually I don’t go out often / in my normal life I don’t often go out

cats and dogs are different from wild animals . they also like to play with people. / they are domesticated pets

I will have an official announcement / release an official statement to let people know they take this flight/ to mention the safety measures for the flight

They control the number of people and explain that they fly for free./ this is a special flight to take them home. For the normal people there is no flight but for doctors because of they did they open it. / they offer this flight for doctors in appreciation for their efforts agains the virus

you should feel appreciate for the flight company -> you should show you appreciation


murderer (n): killer
they arrested a murderer

double edged sword (n) : a sword that can cut on both sides / something that can both help you and hurt you
Flying doctors for free happened to be a double edged sword. The company started it for PR but passengers complained about dangerous conditions and many people criticized the company

sword : big knife
The warrior carries a sword

criminal (n) : bad person breaking the law
Criminals were sent to jail

to (be) obsess : think too much about something all the time
he is obsessed with money, he thinks about how to make more money all the time

obsession (n)
He has an obsession for food

to domesticate : train to live with humans
dogs appeared when people started to domesticate wolves

cardiologist : heart doctor
My dad went to the cardiologist

to tweet: post a message on tweeter
Trump tweets several times a day

thread (n) : a discussion / a group of messages
He started a thread about what to do during the lockdown

threat (n) danger
the virus is a global threat

to threaten (v) : put in danger / state intention to take bad actions
He threatened john to kill his family if he didn’t leave his house.

inert (adj) : not moving / innactive
John was shot and feel inert on the floor.

demonstration (n) : protest / proving something
This math demonstration is difficult
He joined the demonstration against new taxes

demonstrator : protester / marcher
thousands of demonstrators took the streets.

to appreciate (v) : be thankful for / assess the value of something
I appreciate your help
I discovered an old expensive watch and had it appreciated to sell it

appreciation (n)
I sent you a gift to show my appreciation

much appreciated
Your help is much appreciated


castle (don’t pronounce the T)

sword (don’t pronounce the W)


like something: enjoy
I like traveling

Be like : resemble / look similar
I am like my dad, we both enjoy reading

be likely to : tend to do something / have a high probability to do something
People are more likely to eat snacks when they stay home