VIP Class Notes (Tibo) (S)

Speaking exercise

before the Covid 19 I was so busy but after that so many clients cancelled their plans so I tend to have much more spare time.
After the labour holiday they catch up on their annual KPI so I become busier again
First I like stay at home but when I stay at home I don’t want to work. Work from home is not easy to stay focused.
And during February all of our team members didn’t have too much job to do but my boss created extra jobs and he suddenly always called us to make sure that we are at hone and ready to work.

He just said if I send a WeChat message you guys need to reply me within 10 minutes else / if not I will call you

this year should be the worst year during the 10 years -> this year is the worst in the last 10 years/ decade
But it may be the best year in the next 10 years.

she cooks food she grows / she grows her own food/vegetables and cooks it so she is self sufficient

it saves you time but you will miss a little happiness.  / you will miss the small things in life
Walk on the street and pick out the food which one you prefer / for example walking on the street and choosing a restaurant can bring happiness.

My eyes is so bad if I focus on the screen I will feel uncomfortable so I want to go back to the real life not only the internet -> my eyes easily get tired/ my eyes are easily tired if I focus on the screen for too long

if you stay at home you need to have good self control ability.

I practiced cooking during the virus period -> during the epidemic

to find if all of the 3 doctors say she is not healthy then I would be sure ->I really wanted to be sure so I visited 3 doctors to see if they would agree on the diagnosis

During the Labour day I planned to go to Wurumuqi but they have the rule that if you come from the other cities you need to stay for 14 days there then you can walk anywhere so I cancelled my plan. ->During the Labour day I planned to go to Wurumuqi but they ask to stay in quarantine for 14 days at your arrival before you are allowed to travel freely.


to catch up on something
I will catch up on TV series during the quarantine

catch up to someone
I caught up to John, we are at the same level now


quarantine (v/n) : period of isolation
if you travel to Wulumuqi you have to stay in quarantine for 14 days at your arrival before you are allowed to travel freely.

isolation (n) : being alone
the prisoner stayed in isolation for 1 week

to isolate: to separate
We need to isolate the virus to make sure it doesn’t infect our whole system / spread

to spread : to extend in size/number
The virus spreads very quickly

cage (n) : prison for animals
We kept the lion in the cage

to recover : to heal from something
It took him 2 months to recover from the accident

reexamine / check again  复查
The doctor will reexamine her 3 weeks after the surgery

diagnosis (n): what the problem is according to a doctor
I went to 3 doctors and they had the same diagnosis

to diagnose (v) : to make a report on someone / something
He diagnosed that we should wear masks for a few more months

surgery(n) 手术
The surgery went well

to have a surgery
My dog had a knee surgery

surgeon (n) : doctor who does surgery
The surgeon is very experienced

epidemic(n) : a widespread disease in a city
there was a SARS epidemic in Beijing a few years ago

pandemic (n): large scale epidemic between countries
Covid 19 is a pandemic, it affects many countries.

discipline (n) : ability obeying rules
soldiers need to have discipline

self discipline (n) : the ability to keep decision
many people buy a gym card but only go once because they lack self discipline

self sufficient (adj) : not needing anyone else
She is self sufficient because she has a big garden and doesn’t need to buy food

self sufficiency (n)
The country decided to grow more rice to increase self sufficiency

Labour holiday : holiday in May
Some people traveled during the labour holiday

labour (n) : physical work
some factories have moved to Vietnam as labour is cheaper there

V shape recovery  : quick recovery
car companies experienced a v shape recovery

U shape recovery : recovery after some time
the travel industry will experience a U shape recovery

live streaming: live video on the internet
the live streaming industry has exploded during the epidemic

livestream (n/v)
He live streams on Bilibili

furniture: things in a house
She makes furniture by herself
He bought a piece of furniture in Ikea