VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]


China has been recovered lately -> China has recovered  / has resumed business as usual
we have to compromise business loss we lose months ago -> mitigate / make up for / balance

technology is always cold but you have to learn how to apply it to real life. -> technology lacks of humanity , by using it in a context you can link to emotions.

choose a narrative which helps promote the product indirectly while moving people to make the commercial memorable.

you can use it without some stuff.  you don’t have to have fancy stuff to use it -> you don’t need prior knowledge / you don’t need training / you don’t need special devices

the way they have the search algorithms -> the way their algorithms work  

it is not good to help -> helping does no good

they mention bad habits but the images show the opposite


turn on for electronic devices
Give me a minute I need to turn on the camera.

memorable: easy to remember
It was memorable

center of attention : focus of people
She was the center of attention when she wore her red dress

typical (neutral) : matching the preconceptions you have of something
Tom is the typical successful businessman. he is self made and has a lot of money.

average Joe : concept of an average person  / normal folks
At the beginning computers were so expensive that only the elite could afford them it was impossible for the average Joe.

to target : toward customers
They target young people who like to have fun

to position : how you want other people to perceive you
Apple is positioned as a premium phone maker

voice assistant : Siri and the like
He used the voice assistant to set a reminder

stimulus package /check : money given to stimulate the economy.
The government is sending a stimulus check to everyone

not strings attached : no conditions
They all received a check with no strings attached