VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]

Today we focused on:

Learned some work related vocabulary


Write one sentence with each of the words

Next Class Focus

Focus on word pronunciation/ many confusions with words having similar pronunciations


I worked… my work is not very busy
Like produce invoices. I called the delivery and send the invoices to clients
I make plans next week.
I will take my 2 colleagues to the government department.
And today I didn’t go to the company and my boss comes maybe he thinks I am week end.

They will change the stock
I should  make the same time with them to do the job

I worked yesterday. my work is not very busy / I am not very busy at work/ our workload is light
produced/made/printed invoices. I called the delivery man/ the delivery company and sent the invoices to the clients
I made plans for next week. / I planned next week.
I will take my 2 colleagues to the government department. / I will go to the government department with 2 of my colleagues
And today I didn’t go to the company/ I didn’t go to work and my boss came,  maybe he thought I am absent  / I skipped work. 

They will transfer stocks.
I need to make an appointment with them  / plan a time with them to go to the government department.


to print  打印🖨️
I print the invoice for my client.

The printer is broken.

workload (n) 工作量
I have a heavy workload in my new job.

to make an appointment : set a meeting / set a time
I made a appointment with John to go to the government department.

foodie (n): someone who loves food / likes to try all kinds of food
I am a foodie, overtime I travel I like to try local specialties.

fish 鱼🐟
I like to eat fish

mild  微单的
He doesn’t like spicy food he prefers mild food

soft : not hard on the touch
I need to eat soft food because my teeth hurt

I like crunchy things.

My mother called me to have dinner tonight, I miss the soup she makes.

invoice 发票
I gave an invoice to my client and he will pay me in the coming days.

receipt 收据
I want a receipt for the meal

refund (n/v)退还/退款 /报销
I received the refund for the hotel fee.

reimbursement (n) 报销
I am unhappy because I spent a lot of money on the business trip but I haven’t received the reimbursement yet.

to reimburse (v)报销
The company refused to reimburse the hotel because I lost the invoice.

list of expenses(for a refund) 报销单
I gave my list of expenses to the company and they said they would reimburse me next month.

the return : to send back (for goods/ things)
My friend gave me a XXXL jacket but I wear M. I will return the jacket because it is too big for me.

stock  (n) 股份 / 存活
I bought stocks of Apple and the price increased I am very happy.
I wanted to buy an iPhone 11 but they had no stock in the shop, I will have to wait until next week.

client(s) (n)客户
We have a new rule for office to welcome/receive our clients

transfer (n/v)转让 / 调动
We transferred stocks to our partner
I went to the bank to make a transfer
I gave my list of expenses to the company but I haven’t received their transfer yet.
Alipay makes money transfer very easy
I transferred the email to my boss.
I want to transfer to the sales department
I called SE and asked them to transfer me to Judy

My boss always asks me to translate contracts for me

contract (n)合同
I signed the contract.


colleagues : people you work with

college : university





should do something:
I should make an appointment with them
I should finish work early.