VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]


I have a new boss

he asks us to work overtime without pay / for free.
He is a psycho.
Unormal , all of us don’t like him.
Whatever you do better or worse he always feels not satisfied.
He is not only be a good boss but also a kind person

A lot of people think the eye surgery is not very good. Because after more than 10 years. Although you can look the things clearly


he asks us work overtime without pay / for free.
He is a psycho.
he is abnormal , none of us like him.
Whatever you do  he always feels not satisfied.
he isn’t a good boss and isn’t a kind person either / not only is he a bad boss, he isn’t a kind person either.
When you ask your staff to do something you must tell them the purpose and how to do it and the deadline but our new boss says just do it.
I think I am a lucky person ,the bosses I met were all kind.

he doesn’t have the skills to fit the position / he is not a good boss, he doesn’t know how to behave like a boss and lacks abilities.

A lot of people think having the eye surgery is not very good.
Because after many years you may not be able to see close things clearly. / you may have issues seeing close things clearly. / your close vision may become blurry


addictive (adj) 上瘾的
Some people say that beauty surgery is addictive.

addiction (n) : something you cant resist
He has an addiction to video games

blurry (adj) 不清楚
The picture he took was blurry.
He doesn’t have a clear idea of what he wants. He only has a blurry idea.

blur  (v/n) : make something less clear 模糊
They blurred the face of the man in the video.
WeChat blurs the limit between personal life and work.
A lot of phones have a portrait mode and it creates blur when you take a picture of someone.

photography 摄影
I like photography

to precede : to come before
His boss preceded him on the stage.
The iPhone 4 preceded the iPhone  4s.

portrait mode 人像模式
I don’t like the portrait mode of the iPhone

presbiopia 老花眼
I have presbiopia.

myopia 近视
I suffer from myopia

lack (n/v) 缺乏 : not having something / missing
There is a lack of water in Africa.
Our company lacked money so we had to close the business.

to curse 骂人
He often curses people when he is angry.

to behave : to do things in a way表现
He doesn’t behave like a good boss.

prominent nose 高鼻子
people want to have a prominent nose

contact lens : what you put on your eyes to correct your vision.
I don’t like to wear glass so I bought some contact lenses.

degree 度数 / 程度
My glasses have a high degree of correction
I understand this report to a low degree.
To which degree do you support Donald Trump?

surgery (n)手术
I went to the hospital to have an eye surgery
Tom was hurt in the accident and he had a surgery for his leg.
Some girls have beauty surgery /cosmetic surgery to change their face.

cosmetic / beauty surgery 医学美容
Many girls think that it is good to go to Korea to have beauty surgery.


Ask someone to do something
I asked my friend to buy a new bag from Paris.

both is only used for 2 things/people
I liked the red dress and the blue dress so I decided to buy both.
Both Tom and Jerry are cartoon characters.

If more than 2 you need to use all
Tom, Kelly and Cindy are all employees in our company.