VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]

Today we focused on:

job interview practice


I came from SH -> I come from / I am from / I am Shanghainese

The company adjusted the strategy and reduced the investment on this brand which caused 2000 counter closes so the marketing team was very upset and I decided to leave and join YUM.

When most brands  haven’t started their e-commerce business. ->hadn’t

from xx to xx we keep exploring -> we kept exploring

practicing some abilities in leadership -> I want to strengthen my leadership / I want to improve my leadership capabilities

no challenge no grow -> no challenge no growth


to maximize (v)
We want to maximize our impact within the budget we have.

maximum (n)
To reach the maximum exposure possible we should……

management practices : How things are managed in a company
Management practices in Mars are slightly different from other companies.

to catch up : you are late and you need to come back to the same level as others
Starbucks joined the delivery business very late in China and they had to catch up to other players.

to capitalize : take the chance to gain advantage from / leverage
We need to capitalize on big festivals like the Chinese spring festival to boost brand awareness for Mars


to implement : set up
It is important to implement the brand strategy in a proper way.

implant (n) inserted in the body
Some women choose silicone breast implants

first mover : the first one to do something / not a follower
We were one of the first movers in online food delivery