VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]

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Variable income is very exciting
You will lose your hope because everyday your work is same. Same time you do everything.
I think the big problem is if someone is always like that maybe one day he will lose his job. If you always do a stable job your job is very easy. AI will take it.

Many people want to work for the government because if you are sick the government continues to pay the income for you they don’t fire you. If you are sick you will lose your job.

the teacher asked my same question he said I give you 3 wishes.
I forget I remember the first wish is I want my family and I have the health bodies and we never have sick and it will be very happy.

the second one is I will have the money. I want something interesting ability. I can know everything I want to know, I can know someone everything he thinks about.

the third one I can go everywhere if I want.
If I have this ability I will maybe use this to make some money.
I will go to the future and see which stock will be up and I will use all of the money to buy it.
In the china stock one day you have 10% so that means if you do it one week you can double your money. If you continue 1 month you can


back office 后台管理: to describe the jobs you don’t see but that support a company
A lot of back office jobs will be replaced.

resolution 像素
I watch movies on a high resolution TV

CG : computer generated (image)
This image is a CG.

blessing: something good for you福气
Her beauty was a blessing.

curse 祸害
Being sick is a curse.

to compete: to try to be better than others
You can’t compete if people have an unfair advantage.

stamina / endurance
Your stamina goes down as you get older.

endurance : 忍耐力 / ability to tolerate pain
Tom runs very fast but he lacks endurance. He can only run for 1 min.

genie 精灵
There is a blue genie in Aladdin.

stable income : income not changing
Most people in the back office have a stable income.

variable income: income changing
Most salespeople have a variable income.