VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]


organize the presentation and write it down.

Next Class Focus

work on conference call pitch with PPT.
Go simple and use example suitable for Lufthansa (airline cargo transport)

The format is 30 minutes:  half presentations/ half Q&A


useful expressions:

As you can see on the screen/ppt

you may have a problem when doing cross border business and we have an insurance as a solution. We can cover all the risks which you can see on the screen.
If you have special issues we can build a special product together with you / we can customize a product for you.

I want to introduce some of our main products to you….

Imagine that unfortunately one plane has some problems and some goods are/arrive damaged.
With our insurance you are safe, we will cover your loss / we will refund your loss within 3 to 5 days.


crowded : with many people
It is very crowded during the week end.

etiquette: how to do something politely
it is business etiquette that when someone gives you a business card you also give your own business card.

universal studio : entertainment park
I will go to universal studio in Singapore with my daughter

to solve: resolve / fix
We use an insurance to solve the problem.

to customize: to make something for one’s needs
We can customize insurance products to meet/match your needs.

customized : made exactly as one wants
I went to the tailor to have a customized suit.
We build customized insurance products for your needs.

risk : danger
There is a risk of the goods being delayed.

to cover: edge against a risk
We cover all kinds of risks

to refund : pay back
We will refund your loss


customs (cus temZ)

customer (cust te meR)


match / met