VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]


the character of the people are hard to fit in the local culture. -> it is hard to fit in
you are very hard to have a real friend -> people are hard to read 

They are well protected financially and the manpower/labour is expensive so they don’t have time to balance work and family.
The report said when the husband retired the wife didn’t  want to see him all day so that is the reason a lot of woman get divorced.


wallpaper : what you put on the wall / background of computer or phone screen
I changed my wallpaper for a picture of my cat.

affairs : relationship with people outside of a marriage.
She divorced because her husband was having an affair.

Kagoshima 鹿儿岛

pottery : making cups out clay
I learned pottery at school.

Hiroshima 广岛

sacred : special in terms of religion.
In India cows are sacred animals and people respect them.
The church is a sacred place for christians.

introverted : not expressing much
Most Japanese people are introverted.

extroverted : expressing emotions very openly
We get more extroverted after drinking alcohol.

a whim : sudden desire
I bought a ticket to Thailand on a whim.

responsibilities : what one has to do
When you have kids (or cats) it is your responsibility to take care of them

pillar : something that supports a construction.
One of the pillar of the former society was religion,

gullible / naive : easily
Most Japanese people are very gullible.

biological : related to biology
Woman have a biological reason for wanting to get married earlier than men.

age gap: age difference
There was a 20 year age gap between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby.

sugar daddy : older man showering a younger girl with gifts

sugar baby : younger girl with an older man for financial security

disillusioned : disappointed / not having much hope in the future.
A lot of young people are disillusioned.

illusion : a fake thing which you see / mirage  / false belief
The woman had her head cut on the scene but in the end she was alive it was just an illusion.

brothel: prostitution place
Brothels are legal in Amsterdam.