VIP Class Notes (Tibo) [S]


read about your personality type.
Is it like you? do you believe what they say is true?

Your personality type is:



Vibrant : very strong
We used a vibrant red to make the painting very lively

instinct 本能
most mothers have a mother instinct, they protect their baby before thinking about themselves.

unrealistic : low chance of happening
It is unrealistic to think you can become a CEO when you are 12.

realistic : looking at how things really are.
You shouldn’t try to be a singer, be realistic and get a safe job.

intriguing : which makes you want to know more
His idea was intriguing, I want to talk to him more.

curious : want to know more
Most kids are very curious.

rare : not common
It is rare to see a Lebanese movie in the cinema.
I rarely go to the gym, I am too busy.

good / first impression: how people see you the first time
I tried to make a good impression during the job interview.

affection : kind love
I have a lot of affection for my cat.

method : process / way of doing something
This is not a good method, we need to find a way to do it faster.

to rely  trust someone for help.
When I was a student I relied on my parents to survive.
Now that I am working, I don’t have to rely on anyone.

to guide : to show the way
I never let my feelings guide my decisions.

atmosphere : how the air feels
There was a happy atmosphere at the wedding.

to be drawn to : to be attracted to
I am drawn to jobs that give a lot of freedom.

upfront: at the start
The landlord asked me to give 3 months rent upfront

to honor a promise: to do what you promised.
My boss told me he would raise my salary this year but he didn’t honor his promise.

landlord: house owner
My landlord is very nice.