VIP Class Notes (Tibo)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.


I don’t think the Chinese yuan will replace the dollar because CNY can only be used in China and only Chinese speak Chinese in China but English is used in many countries so I think it depends on the language which people speak.
/ I think language is important in how widely a currency is accepted around the world

step 1: describe
I see a man ask the machine to find something and tells it  details about his friends and family and asks the machine to remember the most important things.
I see a search engine, a sentence is typed in the search window.

step 2: meaning? message
I think this video is an advertisement/ commercial of google. it wants to tell their users this digital assistant / voice assistant is very good.
The point is this machine seems like a brain and it can save all kinds of things which happened around people. / it can help you remember things / make your life easier.
it is more convenient for old people. / it is so easy to use that even old people can use it without an issue.

step 3: target? / work in China?

It cannot work in China. / it won’t work
Baidu would advertise in a different way. I think this advertisement is very creative if it’s baidu I think it will only describe how to use this digital assistant.

It wants to tell us if you drive Audi it seems like you can drive without any issues, discomfort. / if you drive an Audi each drive will be flawless.
And you will feel very excited when you drive Audi.

It seems like the man is talking to a kid who is himself => he is talking to his younger self  and maybe he lacked confidence when he was young and is more and more courageous when he an adult and he can do this things what he wants to do.

if you drive the car you will be confident and you will have more courage to fight. / you will be more motivated to achieve your. goals

astronauts  find water on Mars and they get the water back to earth but in the end there is a man who drinks the water which is from Mars and everyone is surprised.


Astronaut (US) (n) : people who go to space
They sent 2 astronauts to the moon

Cosmonaut (RU)

Taikonaut (CH)

commercial : tv ad
I hate it when the movie is interrupted by commercials

digital assistant :Siri ….
I told my digital assistant to book a meeting tomorrow

search engine: Baidu/google….
I used the search engine to find information

inflation (n) : global rise of prices
Inflation is really high. 2 years ago eating was cheap now it is more and more expensive.

trust (n/v) : believe to be reliable
I trust gold, I will not disappear
My trust in him went down after he refused to help ,e.

CNY : Chinese Yuan (RMB is the abbreviation used within china)

GBP : Great Britain Pound

USD : US Dollar

JPY : Japanese Yen


RUB: Russian Ruble