VIP Class Notes (Samara)[S]

Today we focused on:

Past participles and how to use them in a sentence.


There is no _known___(know) problem.

known problem: problems that you can see.

There is no __driven (v/adj)_(drive)car.
driven car: a car that you drove.

We saw the __spoken___( speak)grandma.
spoken grandma: a grandma that spoke.


I did not held the toy plane so the plane fell down. / I did not hold the toy plane. (PT)

I wanted to write a letter to my mom, so I wrote a letter. (PT) The carefully written letter was written on pink paper.(PP)

I wrote a little paragraph because it’s my homework. (PT)

I stood on a stage in my dream. (PT)
The stage, stood on in my dream, was very big. (PP)

I set my alarm for 8 o’clock. (PT)
The _set_(v)__alarm__(n) was making noise. (PP)

I met my friends in the big restaurant. (PT)
The friends, met at the restaurant, brought flowers. (PP)