VIP Class Notes (Samara)[S]


Practice speaking grammar pronunciation
Write a story about what kind of dance you like.

Needs more review

spit – tu
eg. I spit out the water because it is too salty
Freezer:冷冻室; Coldest part of the fridge.


火炉 cook the food.
fix: 修复它
I want to fix it
spin: 旋转


What’s Wrong? : 怎么了?
I want to try: 
He tells her to come to the park after work: 他叫她下班后到公园来。
They are late

the competition is finished. 
Learn how to dance. 
Fall down
Fell out the window
dance on the paper
Dance with Ida. 
They are late. 


First, Mr. Bean he is watching the television, then Ida come in. She saw some people, are dancing. Dance competition on tv. Mr. bean want to win the competition. Then he dance with Ida, but they can’t dance well. She don’t want to dance in the competition.  He’s going to learn how to dance. Then Mr. Bean goes to a dance teacher to learn to dance. Mr. bean standing on the dance teacher foot. They were spinning too fast, so the teacher fell down, she fell out the window! Mr. Bean goes to library to look for a dance book. He makes some pictures and then put them on the floor, then he dance on it. He learned how to dance from the book. So he goes to Ida, tell her he can dance.  Mr. bean is reading and walking, so he can’t see. He walks in a truck, the truck is closed. Then he cannot get out. It’s night, but he is not going to the park. He ran to bus stop and go to the park. Ida is in the park to wait for him, she is angry, and sad. They are late, somebody won, the competition is finished. Then Ida is sad. Mr. Bean make  his home become the competition, and he tell Ida he found a new competition. And then he and Ida go to his house and dance, and then they win. Ida is happy.