VIP Class Notes (Samara)[S]


Please write a story about mr.bean and when he thought he was a spy, was he a good spy? Did he help the good people?


The movie has this girl and there are bad people. The bad people want to be the bad spirit. But the girl no let him become bad spirit. But he no become the bad spirit.

I swim very good but I like it just so-so. I like playing games and go to the movies. English movie, it’s old with the robots. And, Harry Potter. I no time read, I only have Sunday and Saturday. Sometimes I read, sometimes I play games. I like crossfire. Not too much read on the phone. I like PE and math. I like it because it is very interesting.


Spirit:  , bad spirit
ex: The spirit is very bad and he wants become earth.
Interesting: 有趣的
ex: In the school I like PE and Math. I like math because it ‘s very interesting.
Math: 数学
ex: I like math. 
Strange: 奇怪的
Mr Bean is very strange because he always says. /talk to the teddy bear.