VIP Class Notes (Samara)


Write your definition of communism or China’s government system. Write a short article and compare one similar thing about Chinese and USA government and also write about one difference.


In my situation – at work

to apply or to join.
ex: I registered for a financial class, two weeks ago.
Nutritious: full of healthy vitamins
ex: I need to eat all types of food, because I need balanced nutrition.
Toxins: harmful chemicals that can kill living things.
ex: We need to drink a lot of water to remove toxins from our blood.
Cleanse: to clean the body on the inside.
ex: Cleansing the blood is good.
Death:The state of not being alive.
ex: I read a book, it was about how death is a big fear for children.
Die(v): a verb of death.
ex: I want to climb to the top of a mountain before I die.
Democracy:A system of government decided by the entire population.
ex: When choosing a CEO of the company, the whole company voted one the candidates, it was very democratic.
Communist: A system of government where the decisions are made for the betterment of the population by some.
ex: The communist party is made up of a lot of people.


analysis: uh / NAL  / a /sis·