VIP Class Notes (Samara) [S]


Make a list 10 things you know to be true.
– eggplant and olive oil is delicious.

watch this :


Human nature
Unfazed: stay cool
Cracks open locks: break barriers.
Adage: (n) a common thing people say, a common saying.
Intersections: the reaching point of two different things
Crush on: A one-sided love
I have a crush.
3 times your age: much older.
Peers: common friends, fellow people, your equals.
lend me your ears: listen to me.

Interdisciplinary Studies: African American Culture, Theatre, Entrepreneurship
Minor: Advertisement and Public Relations

Speaking exercise

1st step I can. I can do this. 
2nd I will. I will do this. 
3rd. Keep growing.
10 things I know to be true.