VIP Class Notes (Raph)[W]

Today we focused on:

We role-played situations to practice travel vocabulary.


Attend to something/someone (phr. v): 1- to help someone or deal with something.
E.g.: Doctors tried to attend to the worst injured soldiers first.
E.g.: I always have so many things to attend to when I come into the office after a trip.
E.g.: He had to leave work early to attend to his sick father in the hospital.
E.g.: Her company helps employees attend to old relatives.

Elderly (adj): 1- polite word for old.
E.g.: He takes care of his elderly parents.
E.g.: He’s currently living in a home for the elderly.

Gorgeous (adj): 1- very beautiful or pleasant.
E.g.: What a gorgeous room/dress/color!
E.g.: She looked gorgeous in her wedding dress.
E.g.: The weather was so gorgeous.

Complimentary (adj): 1- If something is complimentary, it is given to you without charge.
E.g.: As theater employees, we get complimentary tickets.

Abroad (adv): 1- in or to a foreign country or countries.
E.g.: He’s currently abroad on business.
E.g.: We always go abroad in the summer.

Balcony (n): 1- 阳台



If I had a time machine, I would go back to my 16 years old. When I 16 years old, I just read the senior high school. I study well at the beginning of my high school, I did well in exams except physics and maths. After that I felt everything is easier, so I slacked, my grades went down. When I attend to the university entrance exam, I didn’t do well on the exam.  If I would go back to 16, I will study hard, all the time, And get a good grades.


If I had a time machine, I would go back to when I was 16 years old. At that timewas in senior high school. I studied well in the beginning and did well in exams, except for physics and maths. After that I felt everything was easy, so I slacked and my grades went down. When I attended the university entrance exam, I didn’t do well.  So if I could go back to that time, I would study hard all the time and get better grades.


It’s 3 stations. – It’s 3 stations away / It’s 3 stations from here.

I traveling with one friends before. The other two friends just the first traveling. – I’ve travelled with one of those friends before, but it’s my first trip with the other two.

This place how can I go? –

I order the room in the internet. – I have booked a room online. / have made an online reservation.

After fifteen minutes. – In fifteen minutes / Fifteen minutes from now. 

Sometimes I have a phone with other people. – Sometimes I have a phone call with someone.

When I in Korea. When I was in Korea.


Literature: /ˈlɪt̬.ɚ.ə.tʃɚ//’li.te.ra.chur/

Gym: /dʒɪm//jim/

Mediocre: /ˌmiː.diˈoʊ.kɚ//me.dee.’ou.ker/

Excellent: /ˈek.səl.ənt//’