VIP Class Notes (Raph)[S][R]

Today we focused on:

We focused on pronunciation and grammar, using of reading, speaking and self-correction.


Meteorology (n): 1- the scientific study of the weather.
E.g.: Without meteorology, we wouldn’t have weather forecasts.

Vegetarian (n/adj): 1- a person who does not eat meat or food that doesn’t include meat.
E.g.: Of the four million people who have become vegetarians in this country, nearly two thirds are women.
E.g.: I’ve been feeling much healthier since I became a vegetarian.
E.g.: Do you serve any vegetarian dishes?

Vegan (n/adj): 1- a person who does not eat or use any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or leather.
E.g.: She decided to turn vegan after watching a documentary about how animals are raised for meat.
E.g.: Vegans get all the protein they need from nuts, seeds, and cereals.

Dairy (n): 1- foods that are made from milk, such as cream, butter, and cheese:
E.g.: She’s has been on a dairy-free diet for many years now.
E.g.: I was advised not to eat too much dairy.

Synthetic (adj): 1- Synthetic products are made from artificial substances, often copying a natural product.
E.g.: He was wearing a synthetic fur coat.
E.g.: The product is made with synthetic materials.

Welfare (n): 1- physical and mental health and happiness.
E.g.: There are many organizations that work to ensure animal welfare in the meat and dairy industries.
E.g.: The police are very concerned for the welfare of the child.

Activist (n): 1- 活动家

Tree bark (n): 1- 树皮

Rubber (n): 1- 橡胶

Fiber (n): 1- 纤维



My best friend her name is Rainy. When I junior she is senior in our college, and we always play tennis together and have many common hobbies, such as watch movies, go shopping, and watching concert. We have common like singer in Hong Kong. And we met seven years as far. Now she’s work in L’Oreal in Shanghai, and I’m working in Shanghai too, so she gave me much encourage for me. When my boss challenge me, I told my best friend, she always gave me many method to handle that problems. Last Saturday we went to the playground to see concert. The singer hold the concert in the football playground. I like her because she very smart and have logic mind. She had sexy brain!


My best friend is named Rainy. When I was a junior she was a senior in our college, and we always played tennis together. We have many hobbies in common, such as watching movies, shopping, and watching concerts. We both  like a singer from Hong Kong. We have known each other / been friends for seven years. Now she works for L’Oreal in Shanghai, and I’m working in Shanghai too, so she gives me a lot of encouragement. When my boss challenges me, I tell her and she always gives me many tips on how to handle those problems. Last Saturday we went to the football stadium to see a concert. I like her because she is very smart and has a logical mind. She has a sexy brain!


Vegan fashion is becoming more popular (Source:

Veganism has become more popular in the past decade. People are becoming vegans to help the planet. Giving up meat and other food from animals is the biggest change vegans make to their lives. Vegans are now thinking about fashion. There is a big increase in the sales of vegan clothing, footwear accessories, and products that are free from animal products. These include synthetic fur coats and shoes made from tree bark, rubber and coconut fiber.

Researchers say 42 per cent of shoppers think about animal welfare before buying clothes. Many people would consider buying vegan shoes. Vegan fashion is a trend in luxury brands. Stella McCartney designed clothes that are free from leather. She uses recycled products. The clothes have a Beatles theme. Her father, Paul, was lead singer of the Beatles. She designed leather-free sneakers and fake fur coats. Ms McCartney is a big animal rights activist.


My leader a little angry for me. – My leader is a little angry at me.

I don’t talk my work and my life. – I don’t talk about my work and my life.

I have a little bit sad. – I am a little bit sad

She’s email is write well. – Her emails are well-written. / She writes her emails well. 

It listen similar my Chinese name. – It sounds similar to my Chinese name.


Technique: /tekˈniːk//tek.neek/

Meteorology:  /ˌmiː.t̬i.əˈrɑː.lə.dʒi/

Accuracy : /ˈæk.jɚ.ə.si/

Register: /ˈredʒ.ə.stɚ/

Expose: /ɪkˈspoʊz//ex.pouz/