VIP Class Notes (Raph)[S]

Today we focused on:

Today we focused on vocabulary and grammar. We watched some videos, she told me a story, and then we corrected it together.


Sloth (n): 1- 懒惰
E.g.: Sloths are really slow. They are cute.

Joke (n): 1- 玩笑
E.g.: My friend told me a funny joke yesterday.
E.g.: Do you know any funny jokes?

Wiggle (v): 1- 摆动
E.g.: My friend wiggles his arms in the air when he is happy.
E.g.: Daddy Pig can wiggle his ears.

Whistle (v): 1- 吹口哨
E.g.: Teacher Raph can whistle.
E.g.: Sherry will learn how to whistle if she practices.

Science (n): 1- 科学
E.g.: I love studying science.



I love my teacher. Her name is Lilly. She is beautiful and thin. She is tall. She can dance, sing and dram. She likes really child, she like eat vegetables and fish. She teach me singing, dance, and drawing. My favorite teach me is sing and drawing.


I love my teacher. Her name is Lilly, and she is beautiful, thin, and tall. She can dance, sing, and draw and she really likes children. She also likes to eat vegetables and fish. She teaches me singing, dancing, and drawing. My favorite things that she teaches me are singing and drawing.