VIP Class Notes (Raph)[S]


Capital (n): 1- the city where the government of a country or state is.
E.g.: The capital of the USA is Washington D.C.
E.g.: Beijing is the capital of China.
E.g.: Australia’s capital city is Canberra.

Railway (n): 1- the tracks on which trains run. 2- the system of tracks, stations, trains, etc. 3- 火车
E.g.: She travelled across Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway.
E.g.: He lives near Hongqiao Railway Station (=火车站).

Simple (adj): 1- uncomplicated (简单); easy to understand or do; not difficult.
E.g.: Cooking rice is very simple.
E.g.: The instructions (说明) were written in simple English.
E.g.: It’s simple to find our house.

Sydney Opera House (n): 1- 悉尼歌剧院

Typhoon (n): 1- 台风

Tyre (n): 1- 轮胎



Last week I went to the Beijing. We went to a big grassland. There have many people. In the night they have a fire party. We sing and dance with the fire and see the beautiful firework. And we go to the Qinghuangdao and we see a big water in Beidaihe. And there have blue water. It’s nice. And we go to the Beijing and go to the train station and go home. But Shanghai is typhoon, and the train is go to Nanjing. And we in Nanjing a night and then we go to the Shanghai.


Last week I went to Beijing. We went to a big area of grassland near the city, where there were many people. At night they had a fire party so we sang and danced with the fire and saw the beautiful fireworks. After that we went to Qinghuangdao and saw the big river in Beidaihe DistrictThe water there was really blue and really nice. After that we went back to Beijing and went to the train station to go home. But there was a typhoon in Shanghai, so the train went to Nanjing instead. We were in Nanjing for a night and then we came back to Shanghai.


Today I play and do homework. – Today I played and did homework.

I go in the Australia and the Beijing. – I went to Australia and Beijing.

There is beautiful. – It is beautiful there.