VIP Class Notes (Raph)[R][S]

Today we focused on:

We focused on pronunciation and grammar.


Ban (n/v): 1- to forbid / prohibit (= refuse to allow) something.
E.g.: Facebook and Google are both banned in China.
E.g.: The film was banned (= the government prevented it from being shown) in several countries.
E.g.: She was banned from driving for two years.

Parody (n): 1- writing, music, art, speech, etc. that intentionally copies the style of someone famous or copies a particular situation, making the features or qualities of the original more noticeable in a way that is humorous. 2- 滑稽模仿
E.g.: He was an 18th-century author who wrote parodies of other people’s works. 
E.g.: There was a Tom Cruise parody presidential campaign released last month.

Tensions (n): 1- a feeling of fear or anger between two groups of people who do not trust each other. 2- 紧张
E.g.: There’s a lot of racial (种族) tension in America right now.
E.g.: There are growing tensions between the two countries.

Regard (v): 1- to consider or have an opinion about something or someone:
E.g.: Deng Xiaoping is regarded as the father of modern China.
E.g.: Her parents always regarded her as the smartest of their children.

Symbol (n): 1- anything used to represent something else, such as a sign or mark, a person, or an event. 2- 符号
E.g.: Five interlocking rings is the symbol of the Olympic games.
E.g.: She’s a symbol of hope for people living with this condition.
E.g.: A heart shape is the symbol of love.
E.g.: The wheel in the Indian flag is a symbol of peace.

Vegetarian (n/adj): 1- a person who does not eat meat or food that doesn’t include meat.
E.g.: Of the four million people who have become vegetarians in this country, nearly two thirds are women.
E.g.: I’ve been feeling much healthier since I became a vegetarian.
E.g.: Do you serve any vegetarian dishes?

Vegan (n/adj): 1- a person who does not eat or use any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or leather.
E.g.: She decided to turn vegan after watching a documentary about how animals are raised for meat.
E.g.: Vegans get all the protein they need from nuts, seeds, and cereals.

Dairy (n): 1- foods that are made from milk, such as cream, butter, and cheese.
E.g.: She’s has been on a dairy-free diet for many years now.
E.g.: I was advised not to eat too much dairy.

Decade (n): 1- ten years, especially a period such as 1990-1999, etc.
E.g.: The 60s were a very cool decade in fashion.
E.g.: I have been graduated for almost a decade.

Synthetic (adj): 1- Synthetic products are made from artificial substances, often copying a natural product.
E.g.: He was wearing a synthetic fur coat.
E.g.: The product is made with synthetic materials.

Welfare (n): 1- physical and mental health and happiness.
E.g.: There are many organizations that work to ensure animal welfare in the meat and dairy industries.
E.g.: The police are very concerned for the welfare of the child.

Activist (n): 1- 活动家

Tree bark (n): 1- 树皮

Rubber (n): 1- 橡胶

Fiber (n): 1- 纤维

Militaristic (adj): 1- 军国主义


Vegan fashion is becoming more popular

There has been a big increase in the popularity of veganism in the past decade. People are becoming vegans to lead a lifestyle that helps the planet. Giving up meat, dairy and other food from animals is the biggest change vegans make to their lives. However, more vegans are now extending their beliefs to fashion. There is a big increase in the sales of vegan clothing, footwear and accessories. Companies are selling products that are free from animal products. These include synthetic fur coats, plastic belts, and shoes made from tree bark, plastic bottles, rubber and coconut fibre.

Researchers revealed that 42 per cent of shoppers thought about animal welfare before buying clothes. People of all ages would consider buying vegan shoes. The trend in vegan fashion has reached luxury brands. Designer Stella McCartney has a new line that is free from leather and makes use of recycled products. It is based on a theme of the iconic sixties pop group the Beatles. Ms McCartney’s father, Paul, was lead singer of the group. She designed leather-free Yellow Submarine sneakers and colourful fake fur coats. Ms McCartney is a big animal rights activist.



Last week I went to Thailand with my friend. The name of destination is Krabi. Krabi is a small island of Thailand. When we arrived we found that Krabi is not good as our thought. But fortunately we choosed a good hotel. The hotel nearby the sea and it’s very big and at the hotel we can go around the beach and played with other guys in the bar, swimmed in pool. We also went to the village named Ao Nang. In Ao Nang village we had a few greet dinners. For example, the one of the restaurant named Monkey View restaurant. It build at the bottom of two mountains and in this restaurant the seafood are so fresh delicious. It’s the top 1 restaurant in Ao Nang, so I think it deserves we came back again.


Last week I went to a small island in Thailand named Krabi with my friend.  When we arrived we found that the island is not as  good as we thought. But fortunately we chose a good hotel. It was near the sea and very big, so we could go around the beach and hag out with other people in the bar, swim in pool. We also went to a village named Ao Nang and had great food. For example, there was a restaurant named Monkey View. It was built at the bottom of two mountains their seafood is fresh and delicious. It’s the best / number one restaurant in Ao Nang, so I think it deserves that we go back again / so I think we will probably go bak again.


Trip make people tired. – Traveling is tiring.

It’s not your language hobby. – It’s not what you usually say / how people usually say it in English.

Give me so regestions. – Give me some suggestions.


Scale: /skeɪl//skei.ol/