VIP Class Notes (Raph)[R][S]

Today we focused on:

Purpose (n): 1- why you do something or why something exists.
E.g.: The purpose of the research is to try to find out more about the causes of the disease.
E.g.: His only purpose in life seems to be to enjoy himself.
E.g.: I came to Brighton for/with the express purpose of seeing you.

Propose (v)to offer or suggest a possible plan or action for other people to consider. 2- to ask someone to marry you. (n: Proposal)
E.g.: He proposed dealing directly with the suppliers.
E.g.: The manager made a proposal for a new project during the meeting.
E.g.: I proposed to my girlfriend when we were in Paris last week.
E.g.: I’m trying to think of creative ideas for my proposal to my girlfriend.

Viral (adj): 1- used to describe something that quickly becomes very popular or well known by being published on the internet or sent from person to person by email, phone, etc.
E.g.: Here’s a list of the top ten viral videos this week.
E.g.: Within days the film clip went viral.


Deepfake App Puts Your Face In Famous Movie Scenes

A new online technique called deepfake is causing people to be worried about more fake news and other things that can mislead people. The word “deepfake” is a combination of “deep learning” (which is an important part of artificial intelligence) and “fake” (which means not real). Deepfake software allows people to replace part of a picture or video with another picture or video image. The result is a fake video. The software means you can put your face over the face of a talking president or movie star. This process will make your face speak in the voice of that president or movie star. Many people are worried the technology will be used during national elections. Deepfake videos could be used to trick voters.

A new deepfake app has gone viral in China. It lets users of the app put their face over the top of actors in scenes from movies or TV shows. The app is called Zao. It went to number one on the Chinese iOS App Store chart in just a few days after its release. A Twitter user has achieved a little fame by posting the Zao videos of himself in famous TV and movie scenes. His videos show that he really looks like the main actor in the movies The Hulk, Titanic, and in the TV fantasy drama Game of Thrones. It takes just eight seconds to do this. The Zao app is currently only available for people with a Chinese phone number. It cannot be downloaded from app stores in the USA or Europe.



I think deepfake is a process in this day, because it will like a car, like a computer, like other technology. It is just technology. We can use this technologies do something good. Also, we can use this technology do something bad. So I think when something bad happened with this technologies, it is not means the technology is bad, it just means one use the technology do something bad. So I think we can’t stop the technology. The technology machine learning can help us do lots of better things, like hospital, traffic and some other important place. So it is just a thing, no good, no bad, but we can use it in a good way.


I think deepfake is an unstoppable step in the technological advancementand that it will be just like cars, computers,  and other technologies. We can use these advancements either for good, or for bad. So I think when something bad happens with one of these technologies, it doesn’t mean the technology is bad, it just means someone has used it to do something bad. We can’t stop technological progress, because machine learning can help us do lots of things better in places like hospitals, traffic and some other important places. So it is just a tool and it isn’t good or bad itself,  but we can use it in a good way.


After one years I feel I’m very poor so I think I should change the situation. – After one year I feltwas very poor, so I thought I had to change the situation


Purpose: /ˈpɝː.pəs//pur.puz/


Accuracy: /ˈæk.jɚ.ə.si//