VIP Class Notes (Raph)[R][S]

Today we focused on:

We talked about traveling and focused on vocabulary and speaking.


Use some of today’s vocabulary to write a paragraph about traveling or any other related topic.


Cruise (n): 1- a journey on a large ship for pleasure, during which you visit several places
E.g.: They’re going on a cruise around the Mediterranean.
E.g.: They’ve just set off on a round-the-world cruise.

Sail (v/n): 1– When a boat or a ship sails, it travels on the water. 2- 帆
E.g.: The boat sailed along/down the coast.
E.g.: As the boat sailed by/past, everyone on deck waved.
E.g.: The ship was sailing to China.

Ultimate (adj): 1- most important, highest, last, or final. 2- the best, most, or greatest of its kind.
E.g.: Your ultimate goal is to play the game as well as you can.
E.g.: Some people believe that he is the ultimate painter of this century.

Voyage (n): 1- a long journey, especially by ship:
E.g.: He was a young sailor (水手) on his first sea voyage.
E.g.: She said her voyage around the world was the best year of her life.

Extensive (adj): 1– long or covering a large area; having or being a large amount. 2- Extensive also means wide in range and including much detailed information:
E.g.: Extensive road repairs are causing traffic problems.
E.g.: Her knowledge of music is extensive.

Itinerary (n): 1- a detailed plan or route of a journey.
E.g.: The tour operator will arrange transport and plan your itinerary.

Destination (n): 1- the place where someone is going or where something is being sent or taken:
E.g.: We arrived at our destination tired and hungry.
E.g.: His letter never reached its destination.
E.g.: The Caribbean is a popular holiday destination.

Committed (n): 1- very willing to give your time and energy to something.
E.g.: He is very committed to finishing the project in time, so he’s been working overtime almost everyday.
E.g.: She is a very committed advocate (名倡导者) for human rights.

Snowflake (n): 1- 雪花

Grotto (n): 1- 石窟

Nutrition (n): 1- 营养

Viking (n): 1- 海盗

Continent (n): 1- 大陆

Guinness World Record (n): 1- 吉尼斯世界纪录


Luxury 51-country, 8-month cruise sets sail

Have you ever wanted to go on a luxury cruise? The cruise of a lifetime set sail from London on Sunday. It could set the Guinness World Record for the longest cruise ever. It is called the Ultimate World Cruise. The 245-day voyage will visit 51 countries on six continents. The cruise ship Viking Sun will dock at 111 ports as it sails all the way around the world. The chairman of Viking said: “For more than 20 years we have been committed to connecting travelers to…experiences that allow them to explore the world in comfort. Our Ultimate World Cruise is the most extensive itinerary available in the industry….I am pleased to offer such a unique experience for our guests.”

The luxury cruise isn’t cheap. The 930 passengers have paid a minimum of $81,000 each to sail around the world. Even at this price, all tickets have been sold. Guests will be able to live in luxury while on the high seas. The ship has eight restaurants that offer 245 different menus – a different menu for every day of the cruise. Guest chefs will create special menus to reflect the destination. A Viking spokesman said: “There is more food than you can ever imagine. But we also have a wellness theme throughout the cruise, so you can look after your nutrition.” The ship also has two swimming pools, a Nordic spa, and a snow grotto where snowflakes fall from the ceiling.



In October I will go to Switzerland for vacation with my friends. We by car we rent. We will visited Zurich, Lucern and Grindelwald. We will take this trip for nine days. I heard there’s a open market in Zurich on weekend, so I wanted to go there and buy some special things, like carpets, or teacups, some special local things. I booked hotel nearby the sea, so we can walk along the river in the morning. And I booked a homestay in Grindelwald. We can take special local food in that homestay, cooked by landlord.


In October I will go on vacation to Switzerland with my friends. We rented a car and we will take a 9-day road trip to Zurich, Lucern and Grindelwald. I heard there’s an open market in Zurich on weekends, so I want to go there and buy some special things, like rugs, teacups, and other local souvenirs. I booked hotel nearby the river, so we can walk along the water/shore in the morning. I booked a homestay in Grindelwald, where can eat special local food, cooked by the landlord / owner / host.