VIP Class Notes (Raph)[R]

Today we focused on:

We worked on pronunciation, focusing on reading and on past tense sounds.


Write a paragraph about a show or a video you have watched, explaining the details and the idea behind it.


Update (v): 1- to give someone the most recent information:
E.g.: We’ll update you on this news story throughout the day.

Self-conscious (adj): 1- nervous or uncomfortable because you are worried about what people think about you.
E.g.: She’s very self-conscious about her English.
E.g.: He had very bad skin as a teenager and that made him very self-conscious.
E.g.: I always feel very self-conscious when I’m with him.

Write down (phr. v): 1- to record information on paper.
E.g.: He tried to write down everything that his boss said in the meeting.
E.g.: If I don’t write it down, I’ll forget it.

Headline (n): 1- the title of a news article.
E.g.: I read through the headlines, looking for an interesting article.

Tree Bark (n): 1- the hard outer covering of a tree. 2- corteza de árbol
E.g.: He really likes the color and texture of the bark on tree trunks.

Welfare (n): 1- physical and mental health and happiness. 2- bienestar.
E.g.: The police are very concerned for the welfare of the missing child.
E.g.: These organizations have fought very hard for the rights and welfare of immigrants.

Sneakers (n): 1- tenis
E.g.: I just bought a new pair of Nike sneakers.

Rubber (n): 1- caucho.
E.g.: Car tires (neumáticos) are usually made of rubber.

Grammar (n): 1- Gramática

Spelling (n): 1- Ortografía


Vegan fashion is becoming more popular

Veganism has become more popular in the past decade. People are becoming vegans to help the planet. Giving up meat and other food from animals is the biggest change vegans make to their lives. Vegans are now thinking about fashion. There is a big increase in the sales of vegan clothing, footwear accessories, and products that are free from animal products. These include synthetic fur coats and shoes made from tree bark, rubber and coconut fibre.

Researchers say 42 per cent of shoppers think about animal welfare before buying clothes. Many people would consider buying vegan shoes. Vegan fashion is a trend in luxury brands. Stella McCartney designed clothes that are free from leather. She uses recycled products. The clothes have a Beatles theme. Her father, Paul, was lead singer of the Beatles. She designed leather-free sneakers and fake fur coats. Ms McCartney is a big animal rights activist.


Past Tense Pronunciation:

1. /t/ – Regular, past tense verbs ending in these sounds: f, k, p, s, ch, sh  (‘x’ has an ‘s’ sound)
E.g.: danced, worked, typed, helped, stopped, sniffed, looked, laughed, washed, watched, kissed, danced, fixed, etc.

2. /d/ – Verbs ending in all other sounds except /t/ and /d/.
E.g.: Followed, enjoyed, played, colored, listened, smiled, cried, called, cleaned, loved, damaged, used, amazed, etc.

3. /id/ – Verbs ending in the /t/ or /d/ sounds.
E.g.: waited, planted, wanted, needed, pointed, decided, ended, parted, faded, expected, reported, painted, etc.