VIP Class Notes (Raph)[R]

Today we focused on:

We focused on vocabulary, by reading an article and discussing it.


Cruise (n): 1- a journey on a large ship for pleasure, during which you visit several places
E.g.: They’re going on a cruise around the Mediterranean.
E.g.: They’ve just set off on a round-the-world cruise.

Sweet tooth (n): 1- If you have a sweet tooth, you like eating sweet foods, especially sweets and chocolate.
E.g.: Losing weight is specially difficult when you have a sweet tooth, like I do.
E.g.: She has had a sweet tooth since she was a child.

Decoy (n): 1- something used to trick or confuse a person or animal.
E.g.: He makes decoys for hunters.
E.g.: They used a girl hitch-hiker (搭便车旅行者) as the decoy to get him to stop.
E.g.: The criminals (罪犯) started a fire as a decoy so that they could escape from police.

Medicinal (adj): 1- used to cure or treat illnesses. 2- 药用.
E.g.: It is said that waters from this place have medicinal powers.
E.g.: Marijuana (大麻) has powerful medicinal properties.

Turkey (n): 1- 土耳其

The 12 Star Signs in the Zodiac

Aries (n): 1- 白羊座
Taurus (n): 1- 金牛座
Gemini (n): 1- 双子座
Cancer (n): 1- 巨蟹座
Leo (n): 1- 狮子座
Virgo (n): 1- 处女座
Libra (n): 1- 天秤座
Scorpio (n): 1- 天蝎座
Sagittarius (n): 1- 射手座
Capricorn (n): 1- 摩羯座
Aquarius (n): 1- 水瓶座
Pisces (n): 1- 双鱼座


Beekeeper Says Bears Prefer Premium Honey

A beekeeper in Turkey made a discovery thanks to a group of honey-stealing bears. For many years, he tried to stop bears from stealing the honey his bees made. He found that the bears particularly liked the best quality, most expensive honey. He struggled to keep the bears and their sweet teeth away from his beehives. He used metal cages, protective storage houses, and apples and other fruit as a decoy but nothing worked.

The bears cost the beekeeper $10,000 in three years. He wanted to know more about their tastes. He put bowls out for them, containing different types of honey, and jam. Time after time, the bears chose the most expensive honey – the premium Anzer honey. This is the most expensive honey in the world. It is from the nectar of flowers that only grow in the mountains. It has many medicinal powers. Despite his losses, the beekeeper loves the bears.


It’s more hot than Shanghai. – It’s hotter than Shanghai.