VIP Class Notes (Raph)[R]


Write about your favorite Avenger superhero. What are their super powers? How have they saved the world? Why do you like this superhero?


Partial (adj): 1- not total.
E.g.: We had partial success in the project.
E.g.: This is only a partial solution to the problem.

Forecast (n/v): 1- something that talks about what will happen in the future.
E.g.: According to the weather forecast, it will rain all week, next week.
E.g.: I cannot forecast what will happen to him.

Solar (adj): 1- related / about / from the Sun.
E.g.: Solar energy is getting more and more popular.
E.g.: There are 8 planets in the Solar System.

Eclipse (n): 1- n occasion when the sun disappears from view, either completely or partly, while the moon is moving between it and the earth, or when the moon becomes darker while the shadow of the earth moves over it.
E.g.: On Wednesday there will be a total eclipse of the sun.

Lunar (adj): 1- related / about / from the Moon.
E.g.: There was a lunar eclipse visible from Shanghai a few years ago.

Miniature (adj): 1- not full size. (=mini)
E.g.: He collect miniature Ferraris.
E.g.: He just bought a miniature toy horse to put in his room.

Variable (adj): 1- likely to change, or showing change or difference.
E.g.: There are fish of the most variable sizes at the store.
E.g.: Our weather is very variable in the spring.

Surgery (n): 1- 手术
E.g.: He had to have a surgery to fix his broken arm.

Expertise (n): 1- a high level of knowledge or skill.
E.g.: Max admires Ronaldo’s expertise in football/soccer.
E.g.: I have no expertise in Science.
E.g.: She has a lot of expertise in French history.

Dice (n): 1- 骰子

Jaw (n): 1-

Millimeter = mm = 毫米


Dentist removes 526 teeth from 7-year-old

A dentist in Chennai, India has removed 526 miniature teeth from the mouth of a seven-year-old boy. The boy complained to his mother that he had toothaches. She took the boy to a dentist, who found the boy had hundreds of tiny teeth in a sac (a small, empty space) inside the boy’s jaw. The sac was near the molar area at the back of the jaw. Professor Pratibha Ramani, the head of a dental department at the hospital, spoke to reporters about the surgery the little boy had. She told reporters: “The teeth were of variable sizes that ranged from the smallest at 0.1mm to the largest at 3mm.” She said the boy suffered from a very rare dental problem.

The operation to remove the tiny teeth from the boy’s jaw took over five hours. Professor Ramani spoke about how her team of surgeons removed the teeth. She said: “We had to drill down into the top of the lower jaw, make a window and remove the sac.” She added: “As the sac was going deeper into the tissue, the size of the teeth was becoming very small.” Despite having over 500 teeth in his jaw, the boy did not suffer a lot of pain. Ms Ramani said: “We had to take a lot of counseling sessions with him for him to undergo surgery. We have a very good counseling team who have expertise in dealing with kids.” The boy now has 21 teeth. He is doing well and is no longer in pain.


Meteorologist: /ˌmiː.t̬i.əˈrɑː.lə.dʒɪst/