VIP Class Notes (Raph)


Overtime (n): 1- (time spent working) after the usual time needed or expected in a job.
E.g.: They’re doing/working overtime to get the job done on time.
E.g.: People in China often need to work overtime. ​

Exhausted (adj): 1- very, very tired.
E.g.: After working overtime all week, he was exhausted.
E.g.: You look exhausted – I hope they’re not overworking you.

Underpaid (adj): 1-  paid too little for the work you do.
E.g.: They’re vey underpaid, especially given that the work is so dangerous.
E.g.: The company staff said that they were underpaid.
E.g.: Expensive sports shoes are made by underpaid workers in unhealthy factories.
E.g.: Young people are often underpaid.

Medical (adj): 1- related to medicine or health treatments.
E.g.: He went to medical school to become a doctor.
E.g.: Medical professionals are usually very overworked.
E.g.: You should go to the hospital and seek medical advice about the pain you are feeling.

Toddler (n): 1- a young child, especially one who is learning or has recently learned to walk.
E.g.: Taking care of toddlers is a lot of work.


Today I print the contract for my new colleague. – Today I printed the contract for my new colleague.

Today I read an article it named “The Best Investment is Education”. – Today I read an article titled “The Best Investment is Education”.

Parents send children to international schools to accept the best education. – Parents send children to international schools to receive the best / better education.


Read (Present): /riːd/

Read (Past)  /red/ 

Contract: /ˈkɑːn.trækt/

Eat:  /iːt/

It: /ɪt/