Double VIP Class Notes (Raph/Nick) [S/R]


Grade (n): 1- 年级
E.g.: Which grade are you in?
E.g.: 你几年级了?

Subject (n): 1- something you study in school, such as Math, English, Chinese, Science, etc.
E.g.: My favorite subject is Chinese.

Paper Airplane (n): 1- 纸飞机

Road (n): 1-

District (n): 1-

A: What are you wearing?
B: I’m wearing a t-shirt, a pair of trousers, a pair of shoes, and a pair of socks.

Single – 单
Double – 双

Universe – all things 宇宙
Solar System – 太阳能系统
Planet – 星球

Hundred – x00, 百
e.g. 500 – five hundred 五百
e.g. 300 – three hundred 三百
e.g. 700 – seven hundred 七百

厨师 – Cook, Chef

Customer – someone who goes in a store to buy something 客户
e.g. A customer comes into the store to buy a fish.

Then – 然后

好吃 – Tasty, Delicious
Yum – what you say when something is tasty

Yard – 院子

Apartment – 公寓

Scratch – 搔


Singular (=1) Vs. Plural (=2, 3, 4, 5……100………)

1 chair – 2 chairs

1 cup – 33 cups

1 airplane – 100 airplanes

1 pizza – 110 pizzas

1 book – 75 books


He is fishing fishs in morning. Evening he is caught fish. She is cooking fish. Then she eating fish. She said: “Yum, yum!”

He fishes fishs in the morning. In the evening he is caught a fish. Then, a customer came into the store and bought a fish. Now, she is cooking the fish. Then she will eating the fish. She said: “Yum, yum!”

Needs more review

live in-生活在
I live in Shanghai
My home is in Hongkou District区
My home is on Guanlin er Road
My home is at 201 Guanlin er Road


Poor Dog

Jason looked at his watch. It was time for his favorite TV show. He turned on the TV. He sat down in his chair. But then he heard his dog. His dog was scratching at the door. Oh, no, Jason thought. The dog wanted to go out. The dog had to go to the bathroom. If he lived in a house, he could let the dog go out the door and into the yard. But he lived in an apartment. He didn’t have a yard. He had to take the dog for a walk. But if he took the dog for a walk, he would miss his favorite TV show. The dog scratched at the door again. Jason turned off the TV.