VIP Class Notes (Raph)


Large (adj): 1- big.
E.g.: China is a very large country.
E.g.: I bought (past of buy) a large Coca-Cola before I went to the movies.

Land (n): 1- The parts of Earth that are not covered by water.
E.g.: Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth.

Hunt (v): 1- to chase and try to catch and kill an animal for food, fun, or money. 2- 打猎
E.g.: Some animals hunt at night.
E.g.: When lions are young, the mother stays with them while the father hunts for food.
E.g.: Elephants are endangered (面临灭绝的危险) because people hunt them for their tusks (象牙).

Pyramid (n): 1- 金字塔

Months of the Year:
1- January
2- February
3- March
4- April
5- May
6- June
7- July
8- August
9- September
10- October
11- November
12- December

A: When is your birthday?
B: My birthday is in February / My birthday is on February 16th.


America (n): 1- 美国
Italy (n): 1- 意大利
Japan (n): 1- 日本
France (n): 1- 法国
Germany (n): 1- 德国
Brazil (n): 1- 巴西
Korea (n): 1- 韩国
Australia (n): 1- 澳大利亚
India (n): 1- 印度
Thailand (n): 1- 泰国
Mexico (n): 1- 墨西哥
South Africa (n): 1- 南非
Egypt (n): 1- 埃及