VIP Class Notes (Raph)

Today we focused on:

We focused on vocabulary and pronunciation.


Gap year (n): 1- a year between leaving school and starting university that is usually spent traveling or working.
E.g.: I didn’t take a gap year. Did you?
E.g.: Raph took a gap year after high school to go volunteer in Indonesia.

Sabbatical (n): 1- a period during which an employee can take time away from work to study or travel.
E.g.: He’s going to take/have a sabbatical
E.g.: She’s on sabbatical for six months.

Union (n): 1- an organization that represents the people who work in a particular industry, protects their rights and may agree pay, working conditions, etc. with their employers.
E.g.: The unions are on strike (罢工) for better pay.
E.g.: The political activity of each union is controlled by the government.

Greed (n): 1- a very strong wish to continuously get more of something, especially food or money. (adj: Greedy)
E.g.: I don’t know why I’m eating more – it’s not hunger, it’s just greed!
E.g.: Greed is what motivates him.
E.g.: They greedy, selfish people
E.g.: He’s greedy for power/success.

Counterintuitive (adj): 1- Something that is counter-intuitive does not happen in the way you would expect it to.
E.g.: Some of our findings have been surprising and even sound counterintuitive.
E.g.: Although this method may sound counterintuitive, it really works.

United Nations (n): 1- 联合国


I work for a France company. – I work for a French company,

After I graduated college I work for IT. – After I graduated college I started working in IT.

If I choice study IT – If I choose to study IT

I have two boss – I have two bosses.

Maybe I cannot get his meaning. – Maybe I cannot get / understand what he means.


College: /ˈkɑː.lɪdʒ//ko.le.j/

Colleague: /ˈkɑː.liːɡ//ko.leeg/