VIP Class Notes (Raph)

Today we focused on:

Today we talked about a new campaign Jojo is working on.


Individuality (n): 1- the qualities that make a person or thing different from others:
E.g.: It’s a good movie, but it lacks individuality.

Start from scratch (phr. v): 1- is to begin from the beginning, to set out on some action or process without any prior preparation, knowledge or advantage.
E.g.: She was unhappy at work, so she decided to start from scratch and change industries.

Sexist (adj): 1- sexist comments/jokes. 2- 性别歧视.
E.g.: She described her former boss as an old-fashioned sexist pig.


You should be affordable – You should be able to afford / pay for the family expenses.

Pain cannot stop your forward moving. – Pain cannot stop you from moving forward. 


Alleviate: /əˈliː.vi.eɪt//a.lee.vee.ate/

Elevator: /ˈel.ə.veɪ.t̬ɚ/ /e.le.vei.ter/

Reality: /riˈæl.ə.t̬i//