VIP Class Notes (Raph)

Today we focused on:

Today we talked about space and science.


Both(det/pron): 1- two people or things together.
E.g.: Both my parents are teachers.
E.g.: They have two children, and both of them are boys.
E.g.: I like both chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Amazing (adj): 1- very good:
E.g.: This chocolate is really amazing.
E.g.: Shanghai is an amazing city.

Planet (n): 1- 行星.
E.g.: We live on Planet Earth
E.g.: We need to take care of our planet.
E.g.: Do you think there is life in other planets?

Solar System (n): 1- 太阳系

Galaxy (n): 1- 星系

Milky Way (n): 1- 银河系

Alien (n): 1- 外星人

Oriental Pearl Tower (n): 1- 东方明珠塔

Planets in the Solar System:

1- Mercury: 水星
2- Venus: 金星
3- Earth: 地球
4- Mars: 火星
5- Jupiter: 木星
6- Saturn: 土星
7- Uranus: 天王星
8- Neptune: 海王星

Dwarf planets (矮行星)

1- Pluto: 冥王星
2- Ceres: 谷神星
3- Make-make: 鸟神星
4- Eris: 阋神星
5- Haumea: 妊神星


He have a big boat. – He has a big boat.

I go to the Pearl Tower two time. – I‘ve been to the Pearl Tower two times.


Amazing: /əˈmeɪ.zɪŋ//a.may.zin/

Creature: /ˈkriː.tʃɚ//kree.chur/

Whale: /weɪl//way.ol/