VIP Class Notes (Raph)


Intuitive (adj): 1- (chiefly of computer software) easy to use and understand.
E.g.: I find the Mac OS generally more intuitive than Microsoft Windows.

First comefirst served: 1- describes a situation whereby customers are served in the order in which they arrive, those who arrive first are served first.
E.g.: The course has a limited number of seats, which will be distributed in a first come, first served basis.
E.g.: Seating for this free event is first come, first served.

United Nations (n): 1- 联合国


I planned a travel with my parents and my husband. – I planned a trip with my parents and my husband.

The current position is very fit for him. – His current position fits him very well

It’s more easier. – It’s easier.


Register:  /ˈredʒ.ə.stɚ/

Record (n): /ˈrek.ɚd/

Record (v): /rɪˈkɔːrd/